Asia and COVID-19 - recordings available


Recordings available

Recordings of this live panel discussion and Q&A which was held on 16 June 2020, on 'Asia and COVID-19' are now available.

Here's a short teaser to give you a taste of what's to come in the full recording.:

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Asia’s rise in recent decades has changed the world and shifted economic, geo-political and even cultural power eastward. Now Asian governments and societies are grappling with the immense damage caused by COVID-19.

  • How will Asia recover? Can we still talk of an “Asian Century”?
  • How will the longer-term development and economic growth of poorer Asian countries be affected?
  • What kind of political change might the pandemic drive in Asia and how will the pandemic affect geo-political competition for power and influence?
  • Has Asian regionalism played any significant role in coordinating responses to the pandemic?
  • And how have Asian societies adapted to the immense strains caused by COVID-19?

Join us for a discussion with these eminent experts from Asia on how the pandemic is changing their region.


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Dhruva Jaishankar

Director, Observer Research Foundation

Professor Huang Renwei

China Forum Expert, Executive Director-General, Fudan Institute of Belt and Road & Global Governance

Dr Dewi Fortuna Anwar

Research Professor, Indonesia Institute of Sciences

Professor Sook Jong Lee

Professor of Public Administration, Sungkyunkwan University

Chair: Professor Evelyn Goh

Shedden Professor of Strategic Policy Studies, The Australian National University

ANU Chancellor Julie Bishop invites you to participate in our series of public panel discussions addressing some of the biggest issues Australia is facing both now, and after the immediate threat of COVID-19 has passed