ANU Crawford Leadership Forum 2020   Big Picture Series

Global Realities, Domestic Choices - Australia in a COVID-19 world

June 2020
The ACLF Big Picture Series
  1. Dec04202010:30AM
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  2. Dec10202009:30AM
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  3. Dec16202011:30AM
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  4. Dec18202009:30AM
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  5. Dec19202010:30AM
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  6. Dec23202003:00PM
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Presented by the ANU Crawford Leadership Forum
This year, the ANU Crawford Leadership Forum is hosting a series of public ‘Big Picture’ panel discussions addressing some of the biggest issues we are facing both now, and after the immediate threat of COVID-19 has passed.  This year’s sub-theme is “Australia in a post COVID-19 world” and our focus will be on appropriate public policy responses to some of the most difficult economic, security and social problems the world in general, and Australia in particular, are now facing.  Please join us by registering for as many panels that take your interest. If you cannot make the screening, please register to 'watch later' and we will send you the link to the recording of the panel discussion hosted on the ANU TV YouTube channel, in the days after the event.